ERIS Extensions and Recommendations

This is a collection of extensions, recommendations and best-practices related to the ERIS encoding.

The extensions and recommendations provide inspiration and guidelines for using ERIS practically. They are subject to on-going research and development.

The format of these documents is less formal and stable than the specification of the encoding.

Contributions and discussions are very welcome! Get in touch via the mailing list or IRC.

For more information on ERIS see the project page.


ERIS Cache RDF VocabularyMetadata to annotate that some content is a cache
Canons of ERISAppend-only logs of ERIS encoded content
CBOR Serialization of ERIS Encoded ContentUseful for transporting encoded content on an USB stick or via e-mail
ERIS over CoAPTransport blocks over CoAP
ERIS-FS: A format for encoding file systemsEncode file system trees in ERIS with de-duplication of files
ERIS over HTTPTransport blocks over HTTP
ERIS link filesReferences to ERIS data for traditional file-systems
ERIS and Magnet URIERIS URNs in Magnet URIs
ERIS and Object StorageStoring blocks in Object Storage systems
ERIS and RDFContent-addressable RDF for the win
SQLite for ERIS block storageStore blocks into a portable SQLite database