ERIS link files

The storage and retrieval of ERIS data is orthoginal to data handling in traditional file-systems. ERIS link files are a simple construction for storing references to ERIS data on "on-disk" file-systems, version control systems, or exchanging references over an attachment-based medium such as email.


An ERIS link file is a simple CBOR encoded tuple of data:

ErisLinkFile = #6.55799(ErisLink)

ErisLink = [

ReadCapability = #6.276(bstr)
Size = uint
Mime = tstr
Attributes = { * tstr => any }

Design Rational

The primary design goal is a terse encoding. A typical link file is less than a hundred bytes and is trival to generate and parse. It supports extensible metatdata without requiring a parser to read or parse any more of the representation than is desired. A link can also be represented by a QR code of modest complexity.



The final "attributes" field in the CBOR tuple is a map of string keys to arbitrary values. This standard does not restrict the use of this field but the recommendation is to minimize its use in order to keep link files small.

Possible uses of the attributes field include: